Guiding Light Small Plaque
Guiding Light Small Plaque

Guiding Light Small Plaque

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Part Number: PQ13060-SSPQ
Made of stone with chipped edges.
Two black feet for display included.
Stone Plaque Measures 5.5" x 5.5"

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What an elegant way to capture the memory of your father. With a beaming light house graphic and meaningful message, this personalized memorial plaque, made of slate stone with a rustic-looking chipped edge, will warm the hearts of those who view it and loved him. Personalize it with your loved one’s name and optional birth and deceased date. This slate stone plaque with chipped outer edges measures 5 ½”x 5 ½”. The poem reads:

A Father is neither an anchor to hold us back,
Nor a sail to take us there,
But a guiding light 
Whose love shows the way.