Monogram Cutting Board
Monogram Cutting Board

Monogram Cutting Board

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Part Number: LGCB-T9020
Bamboo Cutting Board with Butcher Block Inlay
Measures 15” x 10 ¼” x ½”

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The names of the bride and groom are front and center on this handsome bamboo cutting board wedding gift, a great present for couples of all ages. Decorated with a butcher block inlay, this 15”x10” cutting board is also engraved with both the last initial and last name of the couple and the “established” (wedding) date. Monogrammed cutting boards are uniquely personal, durable, and suitable for display, too! 

*Please note due to the nature of bamboo wood, each bamboo cutting board is unique in its grain and the engraving depth and color shade will vary.